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Personal Finances

Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning is about:
  • Managing risks to avoid financial dependence;
  • Savings and investments to achieve financial independence;
  • Capitalizing on strengths;
  • Minimizing weaknesses; and
  • Attaining goals.
Sounds simple enough, right????  Not so much….This process can be very involved because it includes many different parts, such as, communication, external and internal analysis, liquidity/debt/performance ratios, developing an financial mission, performing a SWOT analysis and identifying your goals.
While on the one had this seems very cumbersome, it can be quite an interesting and fun process.  Truly understanding your current financial position and identifying your financial goals are very rewarding.  Whether you simply want to understand your financial position through Personal Financial Statements or you want to set up a complete Financial Plan, we can help. Give us a call today!!

Personal Finances

Overwhelmed by your monthly bills?  Wish you were more organized?

We can help…send us your mail and we will organize your bills, set you up on a monthly budget, process payments and track your spending. 

This will free you up to spend time on the things you enjoy

Did you know that setting up a monthly budget, among other things, enables you to produce extra money?!?!?!

Budgeting is key for:
·         Giving you control of your money;
·         Keeping you focused on your financial goals;
·        Organizing your spending and savings;
·         Enabling you to save for expected and unexpected costs;
·        Enhancing/simplifying communications about money with your significant
·         Providing you with an early warning for potential problems; and
·         Helping you determine if you can take debt and how much.

Let us put you on the right track and reduce the stress
associated with your finances.
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